If you’re new to yoga and think you’re not strong enough or flexible enough to practice just pay us a visit. Our qualified staff will guide you step-by-step into the yoga practice and not only. You will have the opportunity to take Pilates, Meditation, Qigong and Tai chi classes. But because health is much more than plain exercise, here in our new space you will be able to t find out all about our healthy organic eating recipes based on Ayurveda, Macrobiotic diet; and of course try them out allowing nourishment, rejuvenation into the deepest sense of self. The Ashtanga Yoga Philosophy focuses on detoxing the body in many ways; this can be achieved also through our diet. At Flow we believe that the food you put into your body is in a way an extension of your being in this world. Our food choices are a part of who we are, our body is highly influenced by what we chose to put in to and on to it. Through your food choices, you can discover exactly how much you value your existence. In a cosy space a you can enjoy different recipes that will help your body detox and reach better health through maintaining a clean body and mind.

The Space offers the possibility to complete the whole true health experience with a therapeutic massage or acupuncture appointment. Or if your just having a bad day you can come over and relax in our chilling area, enjoy a cup of our exquisite rare tea selection, read a book, discuss about art and listen to some good music.

- Flow Center

Lara Tembrioti

Yoga Teacher

Panayiotis Tofi

Pilates Teacher